• So this is the first of many Daughter Day’s to come!

    It was decided a while back that apparently it wasn’t fair that I should have so many special days of the year, like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day (being a single parent), Birthday…. You see where this went.

    So both the girls decided that it was only fair that they should have a special day as well, enter Daughters Day!!!!!!

    Of course, on such a day I was the one that should finance the day and pay for it all, which is totally fair right, yeah nope. The first of many was a day out at a theme park and Thorpe Park was the chosen venue…

    The weather was warm and sunny with a slight break around lunchtime for a splash of rain, well even the sun gets a lunch break right.  I told the girls that I had booked the weather as I wanted it to be a great first Daughter’s day, in my opinion, it was awesome, the picture below says it all really. These young women are my heartbeat, the reason I exist, and for me, every day is Daughter’s day.