Singapore/Kuala Lumpur/Bangkok

Due to the number of pics that were taken between Chris and myself, I decided to place them here in no particular order, I don’t think we put the camera down for a minute when you consider how many pics there are.

The original plan was to fly from London to Singapore and then visit Kuala Lumpur for a week then fly back to Singapore and then return home.  As Chris and I don’t do normal, when we were in KL we thought, oooh what else is near us, low and behold Bangkok.

You guessed it, plans were made to visit there for a few days and a flight was booked. Bangkok never failed to disappoint either, the the royal palace was amazing and was the main reason for deciding to go.

On the whole, this trip was amazing and we both had an awesome time, many catchphrases were used along with some dubious looks from Chris when checking out some of my food choices.  One of the funniest things I remember was getting hit on by this mature lady in a 7/11 shop, was soooo funny.  She was really sweet and because Chris needed a little energy in the shape of a chocolate bar we were both fortunate to meet her.

There was only one point that the two of us were both disappointed about, we booked the accommodation in Bangkok and the pictures were fine, nice and clean and of course cheap. Due to some delays, we didn’t reach there until midnight and were both exhausted, it was a little shady when we went to the reception and I have to say I wasn’t entirely sure when I saw a man walk in with a woman of a questionable character.

When we did finally get to the room WELL, it was painted in the most awful blue, it was filthy and there were stains all over the beds. Chris and I both looked at each other and said NOPE, not happening.  It then both dawned on us that this retreat was a place to relax for a few hours with a companion, or two nothing more.

Needless to say, we were out of that place early doors and found another place to stay for the remainder of the stay, this time it was spot on and to our standards.  This never ruined the trip in any way and just added to the experience of the holiday overall, I am glad we did go there as I felt that we had both had a taste of some lovely places to stay, and made us both appreciate them even more.

Would I go again?

For sure, all three places were amazing and had different things to offer.  There is a massive impact on Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and how the West has had such an influence on their growth and economy, but every now and then you can catch a glimpse of the old Singapore and KL, be this by a street vendor or a shrine out of nowhere.  Bangkok was a little slower and wasn’t as wealthy as the previous two mentioned, the traffic is always heavy and at some points very dirty and poor, but this place is vibrant and alive with some of the most interesting people, colors, and market stalls you could ever think of.

Wealth doesn’t always come in the form of money, it’s about how you perceive life and in what way you allow yourself to enrich that.  Family, a few friends, good health with a full belly, now that is wealth right there.

I am blessed and consider myself to be a wealthy man, roll on to the next holibobs (Tokyo Shussssh!)