Namaste India 2024

Well Where to go next, I had always fancied going to India and of course, visiting the famous Taj Mahal, so that was the next destination for me and of course Chris.

The flights are now booked and the accommodation is set, we leave for the 7th of October, now, as usual, Chris and I never do trips in half measures and whilst looking at the destination it was only right we see what was near to us, oh hello Nepal and Vietnam.  Yes, you guessed it this is also booked alongside the India trip as well.

We have done planning already as we both like to know what the holiday will hold for us both, the pair of us are a little apprehensive about this one and that’s down to the food, I mean don’t get me wrong I can eat just about anything but my golden rule is always cleanliness and anyone that knows me would understand why I feel like this about this trip.

I am sure we will be fine and NOT to eat from the street vendors, although I am told that this kind of food is the most delicious to eat, but by all accounts, not the cleanest…… Yeah, that’s a hard no from me, I have no intention of spending my holiday unwell, you get my drift.

Visa applied for and approved on the 30 June 2024