Oh yes, this is happening, so flights and accommodation are all booked, and a brief outline of what we are going to be doing is planned.

So the first leg of the travel is departing from London and heading to Tokyo, on arrival we have booked the Kamata Inn Social which has been booked for a total of two weeks, this gives us a solid base to come and go as we please.

Tokyo Accommodation

We will only be there for four days before we catch a plane to Osaka, this visit is only for three days but, well I couldn’t miss the chance of going to Universal Studio’s which has Mario World in it as well, get in there.

Osaka Accommodation

We then depart Osaka and head back to Tokyo for another four days and then catch another plane and head to Hiroshima for three days there. This time we have gone a little mad and will be staying at the Hilton Hotel (oooooooh), well why not we are worth it

Hiroshima Accommodation

Another plane ride and head back to Tokyo for the last time, we will have a final three days here and then leave to start our journey back home.

Nahhhhh not really, well we do but it would be rude not to make the most of things so we opted for a fifteen-hour layover in Hong Kong.  Not to miss out on a golden opportunity we have decided we will leave the airport and head to Macau for that brief time, neither of us has been there before and it’s also a good use of time to tick off yet another place we have not been to before.

We then leave Hong Kong and head to Beijing, we have three full days to spend doing things we want before heading back to London, again neither of us has been to Beijing before so this whole trip is a totally new experience for the two of us.

Kelly’s Courtyard Hotel

Below are some rough costs for myself and places and things we are planning on doing whilst out there.

Tokyo £422
Osaka £38.06
Beijing £122

Flights 734.00

Further Costs:
Universal Tickets
Train Tickets from the Airport
Bullet Train
Tokyo Sky Tree Tower
Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building)
Shinjuku Gracery Hotel
Go-Kart????? (A HUGE maybe)

Shinjuku (Shopping and Diamond Crossing)
* Uniqlo – Affordable but good quality basic clothing items. Ideal if you need some winter clothes. I love their Heattech base layers.
* Bic Camera – A massive electronics store with everything tech you could possibly need. Take your passport and get more expensive items tax-free. I bought my Sony a7 III camera from the Kyoto store and got extra discounts and freebies. It’s also good for picking up a SIM card.
* Bicqlo – This branch handily combines Uniqlo and Bic Camera in the same mammoth building.
* Isetan and Takashimaya department stores – The food halls in Japanese department stores are not to be missed and these are two excellent ones. Whether you are looking for a picnic lunch, foodie gift, or just browsing, there’s a huge array of choices from bento boxes to beautifully packaged seasonal sweets, and weird flavored kitkats to $100 melons.

* Tokyu Hands – Brilliant for stationery, household items, and creative souvenirs.
* Don Quijote – A chaotic discount store perfect for cheap souvenirs.

Kyoto Cherry Blossom When in Osaka


Ferry from hotel to Red Gate

More will be posted as and when we discover more things to do and go to

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